All music on this site is copyright 2015 Stephen Hemstritch-Johnston, and released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence. Music is catagorised by format, and then ordered by date. in which they were last edited before being released.

Nintendo Sound Files (FTM's/NSF's)

The following songs were tracked with Famitracker (a tracker that emulates the sound of the NES). The expansion chip used is given next to the release date.



DOS-Module Files (XM/IT's)

All of these were made with OpenMPT. Includes samples from various other sources/artists.

Older XM's

These are XM modules that use no (or very few) chiptune elements. Most of these are pretty old (dating back to 2006). All of these were made using OpenMPT, so that is recommended to play the XMs.

S3M Modules

These songs are in the s3m format. All of them use 6 channels, and were made using OpenMPT.

Other Music Formats

Any music I've made that doesn't fall into any of the above catagories. The soundchip used is given next to the song title.

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